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Happy New Year—2019

Looking Ahead While Looking Back

Optimism does triumph, at least in the early part of a new year. Two Januarys ago we led with a photo of the just-revealed Lucid Air as a promise of the future EV. That sleek machine is still working its way toward production, albeit much more slowly than originally anticipated.

new EVs

New EVs like the Jaguar I-Pace are hitting the road

Last year we led with an image of the brand-new Tesla Model 3, which envisioned a year of smoothly ramping up to mass production. Well, it didn’t go that smoothly, but when the final tally for December is announced in a few days, that one model will account for more than one-third of plug-in vehicle sales for the year, probably ending the year at around 135,000 units sold. It didn’t happen without a significant amount of pain, but the accomplishment is real, and Tesla still claims to have hundreds of thousands of additional orders waiting to be filled.

Now comes the hard part, sustaining and building sales, finding new converts to the quiet power of an EV. This year several new plug-ins are promised as the major automakers accelerate their electrification moves. The new Porsche electric, the Taycan, is rumored to be sold out. Porsche parent company Volkswagen, which does know how to mass produce automobiles, supposedly has a low-cost entry-level VW EV on the way based on the sophisticated technology visible in our lead photo. Electric trucks will continue to make their way into the market, finding niches where they make economic sense today.

Technology Focus

We’re going to be hearing more about other technology—advanced driver assistance systems that are edging our vehicles towards autonomous driving. The connected nature of the automobile is going to continue to accelerate.

Formula E racing

We expect to see more electric racing in 2019

On the other hand, the old ICE is not going away quietly. It continues to improve and offer the range and fueling convenience that remain the benchmark for the personal automobile. We’ll test them all this year and give you a full dose of reviews and news put together by Clean fleet Report’s experienced staff.  

I’d say sit back and enjoy, but I think what we really would exhort you to do is get out there and experience as much of this great new technology as you can. We’ll be here to alert you to the latest and greatest that comes along, as well as alert you to the hype that is not worth your attention. We’re expecting a very busy and happy new year, and we’re glad you’re along for the ride.

Happy 2019!

PS—We’ve got some surprises coming early in the year, so grab the wheel and buckle up!

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