Sponsored Post: 4 Issues That Could Arise When Going Off-Roading

Ways to Prevent Them & Get You Back Running Efficiently

Situation: You’ve done your research and bought the four-wheel drive machine of your dreams. It’s the most fuel-efficient in its class and can take you wherever you want to go–except when it can’t. Besides keeping you from getting where you’re going, a stuck 4WD adds unnecessary emission while also hitting you in the wallet.

Here are some savvy tips to get your off-road machine back doing what you bought it for. 

Whether as a recreational activity in itself or a means of getting to the campsite or fishing hole where the real recreation can begin, off-roading can do a number on your vehicle. From the undercarriage to the tires to the, a 4×4 vehicle is better equipped to handle the potential hazards of driving over rugged off-road terrain, but there are steps you can take to prevent damage or unplanned stops ahead of time.

Tire traction

You need to keep your tires rolling to maintain fuel efficiency

Issue: Loss of Control Due to Poor Tire Traction

Losing control of your vehicle in an off-roading situation can cause serious trouble. Maximizing tire traction helps you to keep a better grip.

Solution: When you get on the trail, air down your tires. This will help you maintain maximum traction by growing your patch. The trail series of have a patent-pending Bead Grip technology that allows you to drive with lower tire pressure.

Issue: Vehicle Becomes Stuck in The Mud

are designed to handle muddy conditions, with their self-cleaning abilities and large tread lugs, but tires can only do so much if the mud is too deep.

Solution: Making yourself aware of weather and trail conditions beforehand can help you avoid the muddy spots, but if you do get stuck, vehicles equipped with are often successful at pulling themselves or other vehicles out of sticky situations.

Issue: Tire Goes Flat or Becomes Damaged

Tires specifically designed for off-roading perform far better on the trails than tires designed for the street. However, though built to take a lot of punishment, off-road tires are not invulnerable to punctures.

VW Alltrack

Tires need to be designed to take you where you want to go; some will take you farther than others

Solution: Be sure you carry a spare off-road tire and ensure that it is properly inflated and in good repair before you set out.

Issue: Long-Term Damage to Your Vehicle

Over time, the demands of off-roading can cause damage to even the hardiest vehicle, particularly to the transmission, brakes, and suspension.

Solution: You can slow the damage and lengthen the life of your vehicle by cleaning it and performing maintenance after every trip.

Whatever off-road issues you’re facing, can help you find the solution when you visit with us.

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